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For all natural hair types -Type 1: Straight, Type 2: Wavy, Type 3: Curly, Type 4: Kinky 

 Designed to thicken fine hair and reduce shedding.  Replaces your hair conditioner.

Key Ingredients: Coconut milk yogurt, coconut milk cream, spinach, avocado, tofu, lime essential oil, Vitamin C, silk amino acids, pH balanced water. Amino Acids for hair growth include: L-Cysteine, L-Lysine, and L-Arginine.

Recommended for:

Lack luster hair

Excessive shedding

Fine Hair

10 oz. bottle (approximate use for 1-2 hair treatments depending on hair type, length, and hair porosity)

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We believe in the quality and results of our product so much that we offer all our customers a 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee!!! Send us back your old bottles and we will refund you 100% of your cost if you are not completely satisfied.

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