What is Real Hair Smoothie?

Many have asked, “is this a smoothie that you drink?”  “What is a Hair Smoothie?” I simply respond with this is an all-natural, plant-based Smoothie that you use on your hair for growth and revitalization. It’s simple. Real ingredients for Real Hair growth.

I have used a combination of real, plant based foods  and amino acids that are made specifically for revitalizing and growing hair.  There’s no secret to my formulas, only REAL ingredients for REAL results.  Currently my favorite product of the four is Moisture Mania.  Personally, I have always struggled with dry hair and scalp, it’s hereditary, and I was diagnosed with seborrhea dermatitis. I created Moisture Mania for me, and all those that struggle with dry hair due to heat damage, and dry scalp.

During the fall, as we are approaching winter, moisture is essential. The scalp does not produce enough oil to naturally moisturize your hair. Needless to say, “dry weather = dry hair”. Don’t wait until winter approaches; start treating your hair now so it can be ready to resist breakage. Remember to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!


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