Color Matters Real Hair Smoothie

L-methionine will prevent formation of the enzyme-blocker that causes gray hair.

Many women and men dye their hair every 6-8 weeks because they would like to prevent gray roots. Not only does this become expensive and time consuming – it becomes damaging for your hair. All dye contains some type of chemical that breaks the hair stand bonds, eventually leading into damaged hair. Especially when not professionally colored and a healthy hair care routine is in place, this is more likely. Whether young or old, you can experience gray hair. I had strands of gray hair at 28 years old! If this is you perhaps the hair-color enzyme tyrosinase, is destroyed and needs repair. Perhaps you have a deficiency of the amino acid L-methionine, which can bring the enzyme tyrosinase back to life!

If you can work to schedule regular appointments to avoid the gray, certainly you can work to counteract the issue, by adding in healthy hair care or dietary products. Provide more L-methionine, either directly to the scalp by using a Real Hair Smoothie called Color Matters and/or through your diet.

Love yourself. Love your hair!

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